Picsart Online: How To Use?

Picsart is a great app that allows you to edit photos and videos in the style you want. You can use the product on many different platforms and operating systems such as iOS, Android, or directly on the web.

Picsart for Android

Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Picsart for iOS

‎Picsart Photo & Video Editor
‎Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Picsart is also easy to use with simple drag and drop operations, helping you to look perfect with your works.

However, getting acquainted with and using a product or application is not easy for everyone. This article will help you understand and avoid confusion when using Picsart’s tools and features.

Why should I use PicsArt?

Picsart offers you a free account and a gold plan for outstanding features. In it, if you sign up for a free account, you can use unlimited photo and video editing tools, fonts, templates, stickers, and filters.

Picsart allows you to edit photos and videos from basic to advanced with various features. In this article, we cover some of the principal, most prominent feature groups that you will likely use in the future:

  • Create a collage: The application helps you create a photo with your style from many photos with quick and straightforward operations. At the same time, the application also provides a variety of frames to help you freely choose.
  • Photo editing: Basic tools such as inserting effects, cropping images, beautifying, removing acne, adding text, adjusting image size, the developer also integrates filters. An advantage of the application is that you can separate the background remove the redundant parts without using another application or software.
  • Rich stickers: Picsart has a sticker store of more than 3 million products, giving you the freedom to choose to suit each image’s theme.
  • Effects: The application’s effect store with features such as illusions, Sketch effects, dispersion effects helps you create unique photos and videos. Moreover, the operation is also effortless.
  • Make your stickers: Picsart’s unique feature is creating your stickers according to your preferences and setting hashtags to describe the stickers. At the same time, you can also share stickers with other users, your friends.

How To Use Picsart 

To get started with the application, you need to familiarize yourself with the main functions and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start Picsart

You can choose to use it on the phone or the web, and you can open the functions by pressing the plus sign in the middle of the lower part of the screen. The most basic functions of the application include Editing, Collage, Drawing, Camera.

Step 2: Edit

The editing function allows you to crop images, add effects, stickers, characters, and change colors. At the same time, the app developer integrates different color filters that give you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your style with just drag and select.

Step 3: Collage photos

The college function helps you to combine two or more photos with multiple display modes like grid, freestyle or framed, etc. They create a unique and memorable picture of you. In addition, this function also allows you to continue editing your photos to make the perfect work.

Step 4: Draw

You click on “Start drawing” and choose the size; the background will be the initial basic steps when creating your picture.

This function provides many standard drawing tools and the most basic words such as pencil, color, eraser, lettering. Moreover, you can insert images into the picture as the application has a library of files to make your work more complete and attract viewers.

Step 5: Camera

Like a camera, Picsart needs permission to access your phone’s camera and allows you to use various filters and effects. Also, you can use built-in stickers. The quality of the image produced depends mainly on your device.

Once a photo is taken, you have tools to help process the images to easily make them look more professional and shareable on social media.


Is PicsArt safe to use?

The application works for editing photos and can be on private social networks. Therefore, some inappropriate photos may affect users through the application or other applications.

In particular, minors are the subjects of sharing inappropriate images of themselves on social networks. At the same time, searching by name, hashtag or photo will find harmful products. It is also not safe for minors to comment as they may be bullied.

Do you have to pay for PicsArt?

Picsart provides a free service for users with essential tools. You can also purchase a premium account for enhanced service plans and additional Picsart content. All you need to do is sign up directly from Picsart or through the App Store or Google Play and make the payment.

At the same time, the system will renew automatically until you cancel the subscription before the next renewal. Each account can log in to up to 10 devices on one of your operating systems.

Is PicsArt worth the money?

Picsart offers a variety of editing tools that allow you to work like a pro. Thus, if you are looking for a simple editing application that adds many advanced tools to help you edit complex, then Picsart is worth the cost you spend.

Moreover, the search and creation will also be enhanced when you can use the rich set of tools from this application.

Is PicsArt better than Canva?

The common point of the two applications is that both can be used on iOS and Android, moreover, Canva and Picsart allow you to use them directly on the website without downloading.

While Picsart offers a cheap Premium Plan for those new to the app, Canva allows you to use many outstanding features. With Canva, the design will be saved in progress with all accounts, templates, audio samples, images, premium account prices that are competitive with the competition.

Canva can be available for basic design and editing, but you can ultimately create works and design CVs for your work.

Thus, Canva is superior to Picsart in many ways, and depending on the purpose of use, you can choose.


We hope you already know how to use the Picsart application for work, study, or entertainment most safely and effectively.

Picsart is a simple photo and video editing application; as long as you use it with high frequency, you will quickly master the tools.

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