About Picsart App

Picsart is one of the most famous names for a compact but powerful photo editing software with many special functions. Thanks to the excellent balance between the requirements for configuration and performance, this product has gradually received a lot of attention and love from many different customer groups. 

Of course, we can hardly stand still without being curious about how powerful and compact Picsart is and the reason behind those unique elements. If you have the same thought, the following article will guide you to the most detailed and general information about this application.

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What Is Picsart?

Picsart is the name of a cross-platform image editing software including mobiles like Android, IOS, and PC like Windows and MAC. In addition to being a photo processing application, Picsart also integrates a social platform that allows us to store and share the photos we have edited with people around the world. 

Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Also, because of these impressive features, Picsart attracted many users and quickly became one of the most popular applications in the world. At the same time, it has earned more than 1 billion downloads in 180 countries.

Who Made Picsart?

Picsart is a technology company with headquarters in San Francisco, California, and Yerevan, Armenia. This same developer has also created and continuously updated the application with the same name. Although only established for about 11 years in 2011, Picsart’s staff of more than 1,000 employees has quickly proven its strength through the Picsart application and other related platforms.

Features & Highlights

Many handy tools

With PicsArt, you will have access to a massive arsenal of tools to edit your photos from simple to complex freely. Essential tools like adjusting lighting and contrast to more complex filters are ready for us to use immediately without worrying about issues like capacity or cost. Of course, with the Premium version, you will get more tools. But just with the default tools, we can already meet most of the needs.

Create all kinds of collages

Not only does it provide us with excellent photo editing tools, but Picsart also has a built-in function that allows users to create collages from many small photos quickly and efficiently.

With many other applications, you will have to align a lot and have difficulty when too few frames are available to choose from. With Picsart, those worries will be gone. Because in addition to automatically arranging and adjusting, the application’s huge frame store will help you quickly get your favorite frame. From there, it can personalize your perfect photo frame.

What Platform Is Picsart Suitable For Use On?

With a multi-platform application like Picsart, which platform to use is always a big question for users to consider. Only with the right choice will the system’s advantages be maximized to serve our demand’s needs.

PC Platform

The first is the PC, the oldest platform with strong hardware performance. With a PC running Windows or macOS, using Picsart is not too much of a challenge because inherently, this application does not require too powerful hardware, and even older systems can work. Okay. In addition, with the mouse and keyboard, the accuracy of each editing operation will be much higher.

Mobile platform

The mobile platform is also one of the markets that Picsart focuses on. The key point of these devices is mobility, so the mobile version also has many changes in the interface and fewer features for smoother use. But that’s why Picsart on Android or Ios often has fewer features than on PC.

Emulator platform

Using emulators makes it possible to speed up image processing with Picsart and simplify control thanks to the widescreen display and built-in peripherals. In other words, the Picsart version on the emulator is a perfect complement to the phone’s Picsart.

Picsart PC vs Android version

There are many differences between PC and Android as both devices inherently have many apparent differences in terms of both software and hardware. However, besides other points, the two versions still have some similarities.


Both versions of the Picsart application have similar skins with the same main layout, color scheme, and icons. In addition, some basic and paid features also appear on both platforms, whether mobile or PC. Besides, using the same login and account system is the third similarity that we can recognize.


The first difference that you can quickly notice is the performance as the PC version is always faster and more accurate than the mobile version. It is also the advantage that the hardware power of the computer brings. The second difference lies in some special support functions not available for PC and mobile versions.

Picsart’s security

Picsart is a platform that respects your security and privacy by continually asking if you want or need it before taking any action regarding your data. Also, unless you want to store or upload the rest of the images, Picsart will not collect this information.

So it is not surprising that this software rarely involves problems such as information disclosure. From there, you will not need to be too concerned about leaking sensitive information such as images.


Does Picsart need an account?

Picsart will ask you to create an account and log in to sync and store your products.

What is the difference between the Premium version of Picsart?

With the Premium paid version, you will have access to a significant effect store with unique decorative effects and stickers that few products have. In addition, the paid version also comes with some other special incentives.

Is it possible to share directly from Picsart?

Picsart supports many social networking platforms to directly upload images from the application’s processing framework to social networks.


Hopefully, through today’s article, you have learned more about Picsart, such as the information and great features that this software brings. It gives a more intuitive view when choosing and using this great software.

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